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10 Products To Recover Skin After Carnival

Skin Care

10 Products To Recover Skin After Carnival

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 16, 2018

Renew Skin After The Party

Carnival is coming to an end, and this strip + puts on makeup and glitter will end up leaving your skin tired and needing a little help. For here is salvation! 
From masks to tonics, we separate a few produts that will help bring the energy of your skin back after the days of revelry.

1.Spray Purifying Serozinc, La Roche-Posay, R $ 59,90 (150 ml) *  With formula capable of treating the oiliness of the skin without drying out and causing damage, it has anti-irritating, astringent and smoothing actions.

2. Refreshing Botanical Effects Tonic, Mary Kay, R $ 59.90 *   Carefully removes impurities and dead cells for a thorough skin cleansing, containing natural extracts derived from Pitaia and Aloe Vera.

3. Eau Thermale, Avène, R $ 42,90 (50 ml) * It has anti-inflammatory, healing and calming properties, for having a mild formula. It also acts as a refreshing after-sun and make-up remover.

4. Peel-Off Marigold Mask, Océane, $ 20 * With marigold extract, helps to rebalance the skin.

5. Hydro Boost Water Gel, Neutrogena, R $ 73,59 *  With its oil-free formula and rapid absorption, it keeps even the driest, hydrated skin longer. It acts as a refreshing gel with an ultralight texture.

6. Serum Eye Contour Serum Drops Of Youth, The Body Shop, $ 79 *  This serum is perfect for all skin types, helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines of expression, favoring microcirculation and leaving the eye contour look younger.

7. Studio Moisture Sized To Go, MAC, R $ 59 *  In carry-in size, it is a moisturizer for all skin types, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines of expression.

8. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Clinique, $ 125 * With formula without oil, it softens, balances and prepares the skin. Works for use of a lighter moisturizer for summer and is good for oily skins.

9. Purifying Clay Mineral Mask, Vichy, R $ 19.90 *  To purify the skin perfectly and reduce pore visibility without excess oil, leaving the skin soft and making the imperfections less visible, because it eliminates pollution residues .

10. Grapefruit Illuminating Mask, Korres, R $ 34.90 *  This mask purifies the skin as it returns the vitality and vitality that have been lost, illuminating the face from the first application.

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