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7 daily mistakes that cause hair loss and lack of volume

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7 daily mistakes that cause hair loss and lack of volume

Dr Norbert D"cruz April 2, 2018

Tired of seeing the wires going down the drain? We teach you to treat the scalp at the tips to reverse this drama and beat a lot of hair around!

If this is your case, you do not have to despair. Luckily, there is a solution to the downfall. According to dermatologist Carla Vidal, from São Paulo, it is normal to lose between 100 and 150 threads per day. It is easy to notice when the amount goes beyond this limit: you find hair scattered on the bathroom floor on the pillow and the scalp is more visible.

If you notice severe changes in the amount of hair, it is time to seek a doctor. “It is important to make the diagnosis as soon as possible, because if the thread narrows too much, the root ends up atrophying,” explains dermatologist Denise Steiner, scientific coordinator of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, in São Paulo. In that case, the experts look for the genetic history of the patient and ask for blood tests to detect autoimmune diseases (such as lupus), lack of vitamins and minerals, thyroid problems and hormone deregulation – all possible culprits. Treatments include potent dietary supplementation, hormonal blockers and even laser sessions to stimulate the hair bulb.

But if your check-up is normal, look below for some day-to-day habits that may be causing the fall and the lack of volume:

1. I’m a fan of finishing spray or dry shampoo

Signal –  The root of the hair is more oily and apparent. Used in excess, the residues from the two products “cap” the hair follicles, stimulating the scalp oiliness and weakening the hair.

Solution –  Leave that ointment dry and spray dry for special occasions. Every ten days, apply a deep cleansing shampoo and capriche massage on the scalp. It is worth testing lighter products to give volume without stimulating oiliness. “Spray a volume spray only on wet threads and dry by pulling the root up,” teaches expert Marco Antonio de Biaggi of MG Hair Design in Sao Paulo.

2. My scalp is oily

Signal – White flakes appear when you comb your hair. Excessive sebum (aggravated by the use of leave-in and combing creams) leads to seborrheic dermatitis, the famous dandruff. The picture weakens the follicles and facilitates the fall.

Solution –  Make a capillary detox every 15 to 20 days. “Cleansing removes impurities from the scalp and restructures the fibers, strengthening the threads,” says Renata Souza, a partner at spaDios in São Paulo. Over there, the treatment consists of the application of a vitamin complex that takes natural extracts of herbs to clean the scalp. To complement, quartz light treatment – painless, it is done by means of a suction device that stimulates circulation and increases the penetration of the active (so better do along with the nutrition session).

3. I never let my hair dry naturally

Signal – You’ve been spinning the elastic.  The constant use of dryers, modelers and plank has a high price. “Exaggerated heating compromises the proteins in the inner structure of the wire, which causes irreversible damage,” warns trichologist Adriano Almeida, director of the Brazilian Society of Hair, São Paulo. In the long run, it gets dry and cracked – hence you will feel a reduction in volume in length.

Solution – Take the time to work on the tools. Try to resort to them only twice a week and keep the temperature at up to 350 degrees. It is best to choose appliances that show the temperature or do not exceed ten seconds in each wick. And always, ALWAYS, apply a thermal protector.

4. I always sleep with wet hair

Signal – According to the pillowcase filled with threads. Moisture contributes to the proliferation of fungi on the scalp and causes itching in the region. Plus: wet hair is more elastic, which makes it prone to break in the scrub-scrub with the pillow.

Solution –  “The ideal is to wash your head in the morning or up to five hours before going to bed,” says Pharmacist Marcela Buchaim, trichology specialist and partner at Studio Tez in São Paulo.

5. I live with my hair stuck day in and day out.

Signal – Faults appear on the side of the head when you are coke.  Prisoners pull the root of the hair , especially around the face. “It hurts the base of the thread and can cause it to fall or break,” says Cris Dios, from Laces and Hair in São Paulo. Learn: The Right Way to Dry Your Hair Type 

Solution –  Do it the right way. “Separate a wick like a fringe. Secure the hair and use a clamp to fix the loose wick, leaving the root loose, “teaches Cris. Prefer brushed or spring-like elastics 
that do not pull and make it difficult to break.

6. I’m progressive and I’m letting my hair grow

Signal – It becomes smaller as it passes the height of the soap dish.  Over time (and with so much chemistry, brushes and colorings), the tips lose mass, thin and ultimately break. You then notice the short, smooth length.

Solution –  Pass the scissors at the ends every two months, at least. “A good cut gives movement and lightness to the hair,” says hair stylist Rodrigo Cintra, from Studio W Iguatemi in São Paulo. At home, replace moisturizing treatments with reshaping, which “fills” the wires.

7. I take a shower quickly

Signal – You do not massage your scalp as you should.  In addition to not removing the impurities right, you still rinse unattended, leaving shampoo and conditioner residue on the scalp.

Solution – Patience! “Dilute the shampoo in water and apply it first to the scalp, only then take it to the length”, teaches Cris Dios. Repeat this step and do the same with the conditioner. Having a plastic pot in boxing helps you change your habit.

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