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7-Year Old Child Dies While Participating in “Deodorant Challenge”


7-Year Old Child Dies While Participating in “Deodorant Challenge”

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 9, 2018

It calls attention to the age of the victim; experts warn of the risks of unsupervised adventures in the digital world.

A 7-year-old girl had a cardiac arrest last weekend while inhaling aerosol deodorant. According to the parents, the little Adrielly Gonçalves tried to imitate videos of the “challenge of the deodorant” , in which adolescents test who can take as much time as possible after vacuuming the product.

The little girl was taken by her family to the Emergency Unit in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), where she lived with her parents, but the doctors failed to revive her and she died in the early hours of Saturday, 03.

“She, an innocent child, put the deodorant right in her mouth and fainted, having cardiac arrest in sequence,” a friend of Adrielly’s mother said in a Facebook posting that reached more than 17,000 shares . The woman made a warning about the challenge, which is seen as a joke by the little ones.

Now, parents also want to make other families aware of the importance of tracking children’s presence on the internet.

The girl had her life interrupted during the week of Safe Internet Day , created precisely to raise awareness and educate society about the conscious use of the internet. The idea is to protect children, adults and the elderly from threats such as bullying, hate speech, harassment and other dangers.

In the case of the underdogs, the main risk lies in the use of the unmanaged or unguided Internet . “The child is curious to discover the world, but still does not know the right from wrong, parents should teach,” explains Evelyn Eisenstein, pediatrician of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP), participant in the event organized by the NGO Safer Net, in Sao Paulo, to celebrate the date.

In this sense, the younger, the more important the follow-up. “At age seven, the child has no notion of limits, so he gets very excited about the reward of the challenge,” explains Clay Brites, a pediatrician and neuropediatrician at the NeuroSaber Institute in Londrina. “And since deodorant is something you use at home, she does not think it will hurt,” the doctor says.

Although it really does not hurt when applied to the skin, there are consequences if the product is ingested . “In greater numbers, the substances can trigger allergic reactions, asthmatic attacks and in very high doses until it changes the heart rhythm, causing a stop,” warns Brites. 

Besides the challenge that victimized Adrielly, there are other videos in social networks showing the “freezing” of parts of the body with deodorant, which can cause skin burns and injuries. “And the deodorant is just one of a series of dangerous challenges that we’ve been warning for years, like those inviting children to inhale talc and cinnamon, which can also hurt,” continues the SBP pediatrician.

Secure network

The subject deserves caution, but you can not get away from the internet, that’s for sure. “We have to alert to the supervision and constant monitoring of the children’s activities. The internet is like the street, a public space, and you can not leave the child alone without street guidance, “Evelyn says.

It is also no use merely to keep an eye on history or complain about behavior. It is necessary to teach early on privacy protection and talk frankly about these issues so that if one day the child goes through a strange situation, feel free to talk about it with you.

And impose limits, of course. “For social networks, the recommendation is that the child only has its own profile after the age of 13,” says the specialist of the SBP. To know more, it is worth researching the SaferNet website , which provides various educational content on the subject, both for adults and materials aimed especially at young people and children.

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