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Application Helps Alzheimer’s Victims Recognize Relatives


Application Helps Alzheimer’s Victims Recognize Relatives

Dr Norbert D"cruz January 31, 2018

If the person does not remember someone, just point their smartphone at it – and the app says who it is

When Emma Yang was 8 years old, her grandmother started having memory problems. In the following years, the situation worsened – it was Alzheimer’s manifesting itself. Yang then decided to use his talents in programming to help family.

Your idea: to create an application that could facilitate the recognition of loved ones.

The ‘Timeless’, which is still in development, works as follows: the Alzheimer’s patient takes a picture of the person he did not recognize, and the app says who he is (son, nephew, grandchild, spouse, etc.). “Artificial intelligence and facial recognition are evolving and being applied in more areas, especially in the health field,” she told the American podcast Sincerely Human . She joined the company Kairos, which created the facial recognition software used by ‘Timeless’.

The application will also include a reminder screen that lists daily tasks, along with a contacts tab that shows pictures of family members and their names. Another important function is whether a call has been made recently, and asks if the patient really wants to call the same person again. Lastly, there is a menu with personal information – such as name, age, phone number and address – that can be useful to the patient and people who may need to help.

Yang has created a crowdfunding campaign to fund his project – which will involve actual testing with Alzheimer’s patients.

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