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The Big Phone Rang and Lucas Pointed The Lima Family To The Breakwater!


The Big Phone Rang and Lucas Pointed The Lima Family To The Breakwater!

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 10, 2018

The Groom’s Vote Messed Up All the House Strategies

What a busier Friday at the BBB! Diego was confirmed as the Leader of the week after a test that lasted 12 hours and … The Big Phone rang. Ayrton wanted to SERVE him VERY, but Lucas ran faster and had to point someone to the breakwater. The result? The groom put the Lima family in the limelight.

Ceará also said that he would like to indicate his father specifically, but he forms a “combo” with his daughter Ana Clara and the two can leave next Tuesday. We knew this would happen this week, let’s combine. The redhead is angry about what happened and is angry about two great reasons. Reason 1: Your father has been excluded and arguing with several brothers. This indication would come at some point and the guilt, in a way, would be his. Reason 2: At the time of announcing the vote, Lucas said he would indicate Ayrton and did not mention it. Ana Clara is friends with Moreno and felt that he tried to exempt himself from the responsibility of walling her.

Today’s nomination changed all participants’ strategies for the next breakwater. The Lima family was an indication of the house, and now Plan B comes into action. Diego has already made it clear that he will indicate Paula and the leader of the week is setting up everything with Ana Paula and Patricia. The problem is that the brunette is dear to Caruso, who is his ally … So far. The paulistano made it clear that he will not like Diego “betray” him and start playing more alongside the dynamic duo. Would it be the end of the underwear group?

It is worth remembering that the leadership was combined by Diego, Lucas, Viegas, Breno and Wagner with the conviction that they would protect themselves in some way. In the end, the writer, who did not intend to give way at all, “won” the proof. The rule was clear: the players just could not sit in the Test Fell on the Net. So, yeah, right …

Now, everything depends on the Angel’s Proof, but Ana Paula, Jessica and Mahmoud are the targets of the little groups of the house. These are the obvious cliques of the house: 
– Ana Paula, Patrícia and Diego 
– Viegas, Caruso, Wagner and Diego 
– Gleici, Mahmoud and Ana Clara

Nayara argues with one brother a day, that is, he does not meet 100% with anyone. Jéssica, Paula and Lucas are not a small group because the groom “is too good to combine” – but they go to Ana Paula and company when they have the opportunity. The Kaysar … Well, Kaysar is the Kaysar. Breno is approaching his underpants, but the blonde must play on his own, going off on the tangent until he gives.

Of one thing we are sure: there are no longer the good and the bad, right or wrong. Now the guys vote to protect themselves … And we want to fire the playground!

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