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Black Skin Also Matters In The Beauty Market

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Black Skin Also Matters In The Beauty Market

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 26, 2018

New products and brands are being launched and prove that the beatitudes world is beginning to change.

Imagine entering a makeup store and not finding a basis in your tone. “Fine,” you think, heading for the next. Five attempts later, you conclude that the ideal product for your face, the foundation of your beauty routine, has not yet been invented. It looks like a beauté nightmare , but it is what many black women experience when seeking a cover that contemplates their specificities. “For some women, finding the right base is exciting, ” says Daniele Damata to ELLE.

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After ten years of developing cosmetics, she became a makeup artist and created the Damata Makeu p roving school , which provides empowerment through make. “When we talk about representativeness, it means feeling that all your needs are being heard and respected and that you are part of the whole. It’s not just about the skin tone of the ad template , “he describes.

The success of Fenty Beauty , Rihanna’s makeup brand , launched in the second half of last year came as a sign of change. “When I saw that they were going to release 40 base tones , I cried. It’s the sign that everything can change before we imagine, “continues Daniele. For her, the breakthrough was that the brand introduced the diversity of tones, duly reflected in its campaign, which had names like Slick Woods , Duckie Thot and Leomie Anderson .

Despite this, the makeup artist believes that it is still necessary research and investment so that black Brazilian women are contemplated in the shelf of the perfumeries. “There is a lack of research on subtons for women with darker skin to find the perfect products.”

Adjusting the color of the base is essential not to create effects like that of grayish skin – blame, according to Natura’s official makeup artist, Marcos Costa , of using a product too light. “It is not difficult or different to make a black skin. This is a myth! Just respect the differences, “he says.

Like Natura, other Brazilian brands have increased the portfolio of makes for black skin tones, cases of Quem Disse, Berenice? and Eudora . Already Vult , as well as bases and corrective recently launched a line of nail polish nude that are not restricted to beige. “In addition to niche and foreign brands, it is an important achievement when large companies make launches that contemplate black skins,” believes Daniele.

According to Nielsen’s African American Women: Our Science survey , Her Magic this year, black American women will have a record purchasing power in 2021: 1.5 trillion dollars . A survey done in 2013 showed that the value invested in cosmetics by them is 80% higher than that of other consumers.

Even so, the makeup market is not yet at the same level as the hairstyle, which now meets the demands of African hair. ” Brands need to really hear the fury of the internet! “Says Daniele. According to her, this also opens space for us to think about beauty as something far beyond aesthetics. “Make-up is a way for us to talk about other things. Colorism , racism , empowerment and representativeness are just the beginning. “

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