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Brazil is a lantern in female representation in mainland politics

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Brazil is a lantern in female representation in mainland politics

Dr Norbert D"cruz April 3, 2018

While women’s participation in the political landscape has grown by 18% in the world, the country has advanced only 4.5% in the last 11 years

The Brazil occupies the 161ª position in a ranking of 186 countries on the representativeness of women in the executive branch – behind all other countries in the Americas. This is what points to the survey carried out by the Project Inspiring Women released by the newspaper El País last Saturday (31).

The country that comes first in the ranking is New Zealand , followed by Chile and the United Kingdom . Of the 186 ranked countries, only 17 have women as heads of government – that is, 92% of the population is headed by men. To reach the conclusion, the study crossed data from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the UN and the World Bank.

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Brazilian X-ray

The research also did an X-ray on the current situation regarding the feminine representativeness in the national politics. According to the Inspiring Women Project, between 2005 and 2016, women’s participation in the political scenario grew by only 4.5% – with an average global growth of 18%.

Among the heads of government of the states, there is only one woman: the governor of Roraima Suely Campos (PP). In prefectures, 10% of municipalities are administered by women.

So far, among the candidates for the presidency of the republic are the names of only two women at the post: Marina Silva (Rede) and Manuela D’Ávila (PCdoB).

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