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Bruna Marquezine Reveals Which Part Of Her Body Neymar Likes The Most

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Bruna Marquezine Reveals Which Part Of Her Body Neymar Likes The Most

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 1, 2018

Actress also told which places in the world she would like to meet and who she would take to destinations

Bruna Marquezine answered Neymar’s questionsfor the interview she gave toGlamor magazine, which cover, and revealed which part of her body her boyfriend likes the most.

“This is easy! The part of my body that you like best is the chin, “revealed the actress, who is currently on the air in the role of Catherine in God Save the King .

In addition to the intimate revelation, Bru was still questioned by Neymar about the three places in the world she would like to travel to. “Bora Bora, for example, and for that I would certainly take you. And for everyone else too! But for this, only you, “said the actress, who has spoken of other places, but to travel without the PSG striker. “I dream of knowing Machu Picchu and the Atacama desert. For there, he would take Teeca [model Stéphannie Oliveira, one of his best friends], because we have been dreaming about this trip for a long time. And I want to travel a lot with my sister [Luana, 15] still. Maybe leave Thailand for her. Italy and Portugal I want to meet with my parents [Telmo and Neide Maia]. Ah! I also want to go to Japan and China.

Bruna Marquezine is the cover of this week’s CAPRICHO WEEK , in which she talks about the challenges of playing her first villain in her career.

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