Buy sildenafil citrate online India

Buy sildenafil citrate online India

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Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder where the patient has obscurity in developing and maintaining an erection so as to carry out sexual intercourse. Most men may have experienced erectile dysfunction at some phase in their life. It becomes a major concern when the patient has a difficulty to perform satisfying sex, as the penis does not become or stay hard long enough to carry out sexual intercourse.

Since Viagra or sildenafil has hit the market, most people have been able to fix their erectile disorder and receive proper treatment for it. Many men are shy to discuss their condition with the doctor as it can be regarded as an embarrassing issue. However, erectile dysfunction is well understood now and many treatments have been suggested to combat it. But medication is Best Erectile Dysfunction Option.

Facts about erectile dysfunction:

•    It is a medical condition wherein the patient is incapable of achieving and sustaining a firm erection for a long time.

•    Medical or psychological reasons can lead to erectile dysfunction

•    In this condition, the arteries and the blood vessels that supply the blood to the shrink, thus not providing ample blood supply to sustain an erection.

•    Many medications, alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs can cause erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Many factors lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Most problems in the circulatory and nervous system, poor flow of blood in the body, and imbalance in the hormone levels cause erectile dysfunction.

Physical causes of ED

It is important to consult a doctor if you are suffering from erectile problems as it can cause some serious medical disease or disorder. Proper treatment can help you fix your problem. There can many medical conditions responsible for erectile dysfunction, these include:

•    Narrowing of the blood vessels and heart diseases

•    Diabetes

•    High Cholesterol

•    High Blood pressure

•    Obesity and metabolic problems

•    Parkin’s Disease

•    Hormonal Disorder such as thyroid, or lower levels of testosterone

•    Multiple Sclerosis

•    Anatomical and structural disorders of the penis

•    Treatments for prostate disorders

•    Surgeries

•    Injuries in the spinal cord and pelvic area

•    Radiotherapy

•    Atherosclerosis (poor blood flow in the body)

Sometimes medications for other health conditions can also cause erectile dysfunction. You must consult your doctor before changing or stopping the medications. These include:

•    Drugs for controlling high blood pressure

•    Medications for heart diseases

•    Diuretics

•    Amphetamines and Sleeping pills

•    Medications that treat anxiety

•    Anti-depressants

•    Cancer curing drugs

•    Opioid painkillers

•    Drugs that treat prostate disorders

•    Anticholinergics

•    Hormone drugs

•    Medications for peptic ulcers

Psychological causes of ED

In some cases, the patient may have never developed an erection and may have had erectile dysfunction from the beginning. This is the primary erectile dysfunction. The main reason for disorder in such a case id psychological as there is no physiological issue or anatomical deformity.

•    Fear of intimacy

•    Guilt

•    Severe anxiety

•    Depression

Effective Treatment for ED

Erectile dysfunction is curable and many men use medications to combat their disorder.

Drug treatments

PDE-5 inhibitors can treat erectile dysfunction effectively. These drugs are consumed 30 minutes before the sexual activity. Some Erectile Dysfunction Medications available are:

•    vardenafil or Levitra

•    tadalafil or Cialis)

•    avanafil or Stendra)

You can buy these drugs only if a doctor prescribes it to you. Your doctor will examine your health thoroughly before putting you on PDE-5 inhibitors. Some drugs like prostaglandin E1 is applied locally or injected on the penis to improve the erections.

Sildenafil Citrate-Generic Viagra for Erectile dysfunction

Action and working of generic Viagra

Generic Viagra consists of an active substance, Sildenafil. This is the primary ingredient in most of the erectile dysfunction drugs. This drug is helpful in:

•    maintain and sustaining erections that last throughout the sexual intercourse

•    Treatment of heart disorders and pulmonary hypertension

The main benefit of generic Viagra is that it is a cheaper version of the original Viagra and gives the same results as the original one.

Use and dosage

You can take Sildenafil about half an hour before commencing the sexual intercourse in order to see the best results. This medicine takes 25-30 minutes to show results. You can take it with water.

It will help you last longer in bed and will improve the quality of your climax.


You ought not to take this medicine if:

•    You have heart or liver disorders

•    suffer from low blood pressure

•    have allergies to any of the component of the drug

•    take any other ED drug

•    take any drugs that interact with Sildenafil

Generic Viagra does not prevent HIV or pregnancy, you can use condemn for the purpose.

Side effects of sildenafil citrate

•    Stroke

•    flushing

•    Headache

•    flushing

•    Photophobia

•    Cyanopsia

•    impaired vision

•    Indigestion

•    Prolonged erections

•    Nasal congestion

•    The blurriness of vision

•    Sudden hearing loss

•    Too low blood pressure

•    Myocardial infarction

•    Loss of peripheral vision

•    Ventricular arrhythmias

•    Increased intra-eyes pressure.

How to buy Sildenafil Citrate or Generic Viagra

You can easily Buy Generic Viagra Online from chemist or any local pharmacist. You can also buy the drug easily from some online medical site. It will cost you just 2-3 US dollars per tablet. You can also buy sildenafil during sales to save some bucks.

Additional information about Generic Viagra tablets

You must not take the tablets if you have already been prescribed one of the following medicines:

•    Cimetidine

•    Amyl nitrite

•    Erythromycin

•    Cisapride

•    High blood pressure remedies

•    Fungal medications

•    Isosorbide dinitrate

•    HIV/AIDS drugs

•    Methscopolamine nitrate

•    nitroglycerin

•    isosorbide mononitrate

•    Rifampin

•    nitroprusside

•    Yeast infection drugs.

Storage and the other useful information about Generic Viagra or Sildenafil

You must store generic Viagra at some dry place. Do not expose the drug to moisture, water, direct sunlight, cold temperature, and water. Do not let anyone else use your drug. Keep away from children and pets.

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