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Why can not smokers also have lung cancer?


Why can not smokers also have lung cancer?

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 2, 2018

Unfortunately, being a passive smoker is not the only risk

Smoking is linked to most cases of lung cancer, but there are other factors that cause it. The most common of these is the condition of passive smoker. Those close to cigarette smoke are 30% more likely to develop the disease. But, thanks to the laws of control of smoking in closed places, the situation is improving: in the last eight years, the number of passive smokersfell 42% in Brazil

Some people have genes with specific mutations that cause predisposition to cancer. Brazil leads the list of cases. One out of every 330 people born in the South and Southeast has a mutation related to Li Fraumeni syndrome, which causes several tumors in the same person. In the US, for example, the syndrome affects one in 5,000 people

Radon gas is natural, colorless, odorless – and carcinogenic. Product of the disintegration of two chemical elements (uranium and thorium) in the soil and in rocks, it is difficult to be noticed. In Caetite (BA), the rate of people with the disease is 19 times higher than in the rest of the state. There was no other. Studies have shown that radon is higher there

Since 2013, the World Health Organization considers environmental pollution a carcinogen. Countries such as Mongolia, Pakistan, China, South Africa and Nigeria have high pollution levels in the air and therefore lung cancer. People living in more contaminated areas are 20% more likely to develop the disease

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