Do’s and Don'Ts During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Do’s and Don’Ts During Pregnancy Second Trimester: – Second Step Towards Success

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We want to give you many best wishes if you have successfully clears the first trimester of pregnancy, now the second trimester. Like the first you need to keep conscious in second trimester too. Now your body owns some noticeable changes in the body like your belly size is got increased and you have started to feel the reassuring of the baby. So, like before for the best care of the baby you need to follow some do and don’t, here is a list we given below.

Some ‘’DO’’ tasks

  • Do regular check-ups

This is your basic and important task that you must have to take regular health reports to gynecologist. In second trimester period, you can feel some movement of your child. If anytime you feel any lacking in your baby movement or face any other issues then immediate contact to your doctor.

  • Control over diet

At this level, you need to control over your diet plans means you must avoid unhealthy diets and eat eggs, meat, fish, protein, soy products instead of this. All these things will help to do perfect care of baby and mama.

  • Some light workouts

Most pregnant ladies didn’t do any work and because of this they feel lazy but you should do some light workout by which you feel active. Exercises works to keeps lower down the risk of diabetes and other disease in baby and it also increase the flexibility of mother’s body.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

At second trimester period, you body shape will changes at every time. So, you need to wear some comfortable and soft clothes. Wearing tight clothes may reduce down the blood circulation of body and can increase the risk of vaginal yeast infection.

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Some ‘’DON’T’’ tasks

  • Don’t get depressed

Depression can create some risk to your baby’s health. It will deliver bad impact on baby. Stress can stimulate the production of some hormones which can constrict you blood vessels and also lose down the oxygen supply to uterus and these things can deliver harm to baby’s health.

  • Avoid smoke and alcohol

Using of tobacco can reduce the gestation age and also decrease the birth weight of baby. Drinking in extreme level can harm to the metal and physical development of baby and it become results the inadequate IQ level in baby and some behavior disorders.

  • Sleep in well posture

Actually, sleeping on the back posture can create the risk of uterus to press on your spine area and some major blood vessels. This situation can cause short breath, lower back pain and also impact the flow of blood to your baby. So, try to sleep on you left side and can use the pillow between your legs.


This article is an answer of your all questions. We advised you to give best care to your baby and try to be fit your body by using all these steps. It will proven good for you and your baby too.

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