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Find Out What Cosmetic Treatments are Released During Pregnancy


Find Out What Cosmetic Treatments are Released During Pregnancy

Dr Norbert D"cruz January 22, 2018

Experts explain the procedures that can be performed without risks to the baby


It is said that pregnancy makes the woman more beautiful and with a glow on the skin that can impress any dermatologist. Still, some women do not give up vanity during pregnancy, and are in doubt about what cosmetic treatments they can do without harming the baby’s health .

Laser hair removal, skin cleansing, radiofrequency … After all, what can and can not be done? Dermatologist Vanessa Metz explains that it is not necessary to be radical : “Soon as they become pregnant, many patients feel that they will not be able to use anything else and stop with anti-acne or anti-acne treatments. After pregnancy, they return to the office with their skin overpaid. There are several products that can be used during pregnancy without any problem. ” 

The obstetrician and obstetrician Antonio Paulo Stockler reminds us that common sense is fundamental: “The body goes through various hormonal changes and fluctuations; it is advisable to wait until the end of pregnancy to perform some cosmetic treatments. “

Check out the procedures that can be performed during pregnancy:

For face and hair

According to the dermatologist, the classic skin cleansing is released. But the same can not be said about peels: “The peels are all suspended, only the Crystal Peel is indicated, because the Crystal Peel is a microdermabrasion with crystal grains that exfoliate the skin. strong chemistry. ” Vanessa also points out that acids, such as retinoic and salicylic, should not be used in any kind of procedure. “In the case of hair loss, for example, the solution is to bet on a balanced diet to strengthen the hair.” In addition, the doctor recalls that hair procedures such as coloring, straightening, relaxation and anti-aging treatments are not recommended.

For the body

When we talk about aesthetic procedures for the body, it is advisable to perform them only in the postpartum period. ” Treatments such as radiofrequency for localized fat, laser hair removal, procedures with pulsed light, fractioned laser and any other type of anticellulite treatment, against stretch marks or scars are discarded during pregnancy, ” says Vanessa Metz.

Lymphatic drainage

This is one of the champions of doubt. After all, can lymphatic drainage be done without problems? Vanessa defends the technique. “During pregnancy, the body is more vascularized and holding more fluid, so the drainage – always done with a good professional – is indicated,” she says, recalling important care: “As with any treatment during pregnancy, it is recommended to wait for the first trimester to pass. “

Attention to creams and beauty products

The National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa) contraindicates the use of three substances in pregnancy: lead, camphor and urea over 3%, which can easily be found in various products such as creams, colorings and moisturizers. Therefore, care must be redoubled when reading product labels. “Other substances very present in beauty products are hydroquinone and derivatives of vitamin A, in the case of tretinoin, adapalene and isotretinoin. Unfortunately, little is known about all the substances used in the beauty area, and therefore, in doubt or it is best to avoid using the paraben preservative found in deodorants, make-up and shampoos, as well as fitalate, which is widely used in fixative sprays and enamels, “recalls obstetrician and obstetrician Antonio Paulo Stockler .

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