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Futuristic air device simulates normal birth benefit

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Futuristic air device simulates normal birth benefit

Dr Norbert D"cruz March 10, 2018

Species of incubator for babies born via cesarean section intends to arrive in Brazil in 2021, but should not replace the natural arrival in the world. Understand!

For a number of reasons, normal birth is best for the baby: he breathes better, has fewer risks of infections, allergies and a healthier childhood perspective ahead. Only it is not always possible!

For cases with an indication of cesarean section , the pair of Germans Johannes Schenck and Claus Peter developed the NnBU (Neonatal Birth Unit) device that looks like a futuristic incubator. The idea of ​​NnBU is to simulate at least one of the effects of natural childbirth: the pressure the baby’s body undergoes as it passes through the vaginal canal.

“This push of the vaginal muscles causes the baby to expel fluids left in the lung,” says pediatrician and neonatologist Nelson Douglas Ejzenbaum, a member of the American Society of Pediatrics. When this process does not occur, the newborn may have difficulty breathing and the risk of breathing problems increases.

How It Works

Unlike the incubator, which is usually used to stimulate the proper development of preterm infants , here the small one is only minutes away. Soon after it is born, the device applies controlled pressure in regions of the torso for a set period of time, in addition to gently awakening the child with lights – in cesarean, babies are still sleeping when they are born.

The NnBU is promising, but it should not replace vaginal delivery , just help those who can not. “Normal delivery continues to be better because there are other issues involved, such as the receipt of bacteria from the mother’s vaginal flora, which stimulate the formation of the child’s own microbiota,” says Ejzenbaum.

The inventors are now in the process of attracting investors to the NnBU and will begin manufacturing in May this year. The idea is that the novelty reaches the Brazilian market in 2021, as the company’s website informs.

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