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How To Improvise a Loaf of Bread With Respect


How To Improvise a Loaf of Bread With Respect

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 3, 2018

How to make a banquet when the refrigerator is (almost) empty

Not knowing how to fry an egg is not demerit. But it’s sad. How many meals at home have not been saved by a fried egg with soft yolk in which loaves of bread are dipped, perhaps toasted with a little butter or washed with olive oil? To accompany, mature tomatoes in cubes, pieces of cheese, olives, perhaps leaves; if there are fresh mushrooms, for grilling in the frying pan, then we enter the field of seriously good things – worth having a glass of wine to celebrate.

A pity to depend on others to appreciate this trivial wonder. Or destroy it. How many good eggs have not found a melancholy destination in restaurants, bars and houses around the world, burned, dried up, shredded, fat stew …

“I can not tolerate eggs swimming in butter or oil,” writes French chef Michel Roux in the book Recipes with Eggs, in which he lays praise for the versatility of the ingredient, describing it as “faithful companion” from the earliest patisserie lessons, and gives tips how to use it in basic or more advanced dishes. “Eggs, for genius in all forms of preparation, deserve respect.” (Because, when mistreated, they turn into disembodied, blubbery and gray disasters.) There is a whole chapter devoted to the fried egg – low in fat or immersion .

I prefer the simple version. Nonstick frying pan on medium-low heat, pour a wire of oil or a little bit of butter and spread (if you throw a little more butter, then you can use it to brown a slice of bread, but Monsieur Roux probably would not approve of the mischief) .

Wait for the fat to warm up (but do not smoke) and then pour the egg carefully so as not to explode the yolk. Then just wait for the egg to reach the desired point, season it with salt and pepper, remove it immediately with a spatula and transfer it to a plate. Covering the pan for a few seconds helps to make the cooking more uniform, but it is not essential.

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