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Kylie Jenner’s controversy over controversy over daughter

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Kylie Jenner’s controversy over controversy over daughter

Dr Norbert D"cruz March 7, 2018

The story has to do with their nails. What do you think: does it make sense or are the web guys overreacting?

Stormi Webster  completed a month last week and Dads  Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott  shared some photos of baby on social networks. But one detail is catching the galley’s attention: Kylie’s nails! It seems that in the minds of some people it is impossible for him to change diapers with such large nails.

The first photo of Kylie with her daughter had already left her long fingernails on display. In the last published images, however, we have seen that they are even larger.

On Twitter, the crowd decided to come forward, especially after Kylie showed off her giant nails on the Insta Stories.  “Okay, how does Kylie Jenner change the baby’s diapers with those long fingernails? Poor Stormi, who thinks Edward Scissorhands is wiping his butt, “one person wrote.

“You know Kylie Jenner is not bathing or changing her daughter’s diaper because of the size of her nails,” wrote another surfer.

In an interview with People , a source said that despite Kylie’s help, she is over-developed with the care of Stormi and exchanges, yes, her diapers. Besides, she’s always worried if her daughter is eating and sleeping well.

What did you think of this ~ controversy ~? 

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