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Learn How To Set Up a Plant – Based Menu and Stimulate Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Learn How To Set Up a Plant – Based Menu and Stimulate Weight Loss

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 8, 2018

If you’ve never heard of it, believe me: in 2018, you will. The diet that encourages eating less meat and more vegetables is not getting popular at random.

How much salad do you eat? If it is more than half the plate, at lunch and dinner, your food is close to the proposal of the plant-based – a diet that has become a world movement (it will still give you the talk!) In order to stimulate people to consume more vegetables (fresh and organic, preferably) and less products of animal origin . It is a setting in the menu that can balance the pH of the blood and keep the cells well oxygenated – it prevents the body from becoming inflamed and, therefore, resisting weight loss . You will be able to get rid of stubborn fat.

Reducing the risk of overweight is just one of the benefits: plant-based reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease , according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin in the United States. It also protects the planet – the less pasture for cattle, the less forests are devastated.

But to adhere to diet (and movement), you do not need to eat only plant . “Despite choosing the ‘green’, the menu does not exclude the meat,” says nutritionist Karen Schlösser of Rio de Janeiro. It means that the fillet (no fries!) Is still valid, but red meat should be consumed in small portions and at the lowest frequency you can get – even smaller than fish and chicken, which, according to Karen, should not enter more than two or three times a week on the menu.

Rest assured that there will be no shortage of options. There is an incredible variety of grains and vegetables to color and fill your plate with fiber and antioxidant nutrients – a powerful mix to fight off excess toxins . That’s right, the plant-based works like a detox, with the advantage of not needing to pause. If you want, you can follow this kind of food all your life. “Done right, diet, even without animal products, supplies our need for nutrients, ” says nutritionist Alessandra Luglio, coordinator of the Department of Medicine and Nutrition of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB).

One of the secrets is to combine three to four types of grain (oats, beans, peas, lentils) throughout the day, not necessarily in the same meal. “They have essential amino acids that act in synergy and thus guarantee protein in the proper dose for a healthy body,” says Alessandra.

And, if you have not traded the white rice for the integral, this is the time. The masses, like all other industrialized items, must also be minimally processed. Since white sugar has no time in the diet, it prescribes vegetables even at breakfast (it gives you green juice!) – not only because of the fibers and vitamins. “A review of studies, published in the Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USP, suggests that our body has the ability to convert leaf chlorophyll into hemoglobin, the protein responsible for oxygenation of the blood, ” says Karen. That’s why plant-based facilitates weight loss (without so much calorie restriction!) And still guarantees energy. Do the test!

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