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Masks for Oily Skin : 4 Options Tested and Approved

Skin Care

Masks for Oily Skin : 4 Options Tested and Approved

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 27, 2018

We try four different brands and here is our experience

For a hormonal issue, my skin experiences periods of intense oiliness and tendency to acne . In moments like this, I use specific products for this scenario, such as soaps, tonics and even acids indicated by my dermatologist. Recently, I have also included face masks in the care routine. At least once a week, take 30 minutes to use one of the options below.

They are all cosmetic and therefore do not replace clinical treatments . Also remember that your skin can not be injured at the time of application, okay? Talk to your trusted specialist, pay attention to the label and go shopping:

4. Mask Pure Clay Detox Matifying (3 clays + eucalyptus extract),  L’Oreal Paris .$ 39.90 per 40g *

What does she promise?

“The L’Oréal Paris Facial Masque Pure Clay Detox Cleanses and cleanses the skin with action that reduces oiliness and softens imperfections. Thus, it revitalizes the region and fights the appearance of pores, while eliminating dead cells and impurities. It is composed of three types of pure clays and eucalyptus extract, for care with matte effect that does not dry the face.

What I found:

Once again, I was surprised by the texture. Although it mixes three types of clay, it is creamy. I would say that it is one of the most comfortable versions I have used, precisely because it has easy application. On the other hand, I did not feel it completely dried on the face. It has a very fresh fragrance and yields well. After the complete procedure, I felt the skin soft and controlled oil. Well to the BBB style (good, beautiful and cheap)!

3. Purifying Clay Mineral Mask, Vichy . R $ 19,90 for two sachets of 6g each *

What does she promise?

“Purifies skin perfectly and reduces pore visibility: – Soft skin; 
– No excess oiliness; 
– Imperfections less visible, pollution wastes are eliminated. “

What I found:

I love Vichy’s skin care products (like the Normaderm liquid soap, my favorite) and I was anxious to test it when I saw the release. There was no other … I really liked this option! The 6 grams of each package yielded two applications on my face. The texture is a delight, offers no resistance at the time of spreading or has an uncomfortable smell. Of the versions more in account, without doubts, was the one that more I clung to. The kind I’d buy again, you know? Now I want to taste the other two specialties of the line: Rebalancing and Peeling Effect.

2. Himalayan charcoal purifying mask and illuminator, The Body Shop . R $ 149 per 75ml * (Exhausted in the virtual store, but on sale in physics)

What does she promise?

“This mask is inspired by the Ayurvedic traditions and the tingling clay texture acts to detoxify and unclog the skin that needs to release impurities and toxins to help reveal a healthy, youthful and radiant appearance. 100% vegan mask containing bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil and green tea leaves. Formulated without parabens, paraffin, silicone or mineral oil. Ideal for oily, mixed and acne skin. “

What I found:

Wonderful. It’s one of those masks to wear on days that want flawless skin for an event or after a hectic week. Although it has only the clayish appearance, its main components are bamboo charcoal and tea tree oil (melaleuca), which, as we have already mentioned , is a very strong ally in the fight against the oily and acneic aspect. The feeling is of cleanliness and well-being. I like to finish with very cold water and I think the method has potentiated the effect. Just do not consider my top 1 for the price – saltier even with half the amount of product on the next list.

1. Black regenerating clay mask, Yard . R $ 96 per 140g *

What does she promise?

“Regenerating mask indicated for sensitive, irritated and / or damaged skin. Enriched with Nanovetor Rosehip oil and Aloe Vera extract, the Black Regenerating Clay QUINTAL has excellent skin regenerating effect and highly detoxifying action. With healing, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, absorbent and anti-stress properties, it improves blood circulation and stimulates cell reproduction. It nourishes and repairs lesions (caused by dryness, psoriasis, hyperkeratosis, sun damage, etc.), besides protecting it from oxidative stress, avoiding premature aging. “

What I found:

Although not exactly indicated for my skin type, it was the mask I liked the most. The clay texture is very characteristic and, as it is drying on the face, it is possible to see that it is absorbing the oiliness of the areas most affected – especially the T zone. After rinsing and removing the product, the result is a very fine skin with reduced pores, but without the sensation of “pulling.” I did not feel it reduced any injuries, such as acne, for example, but it was not exactly one of the promises. The aroma is gentle and does not bother during use. I consider the best value for money on the list. Approved!

Dr Norbert D"cruz

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