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Max Fercondini speaks after being beaten by two men in bar

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Max Fercondini speaks after being beaten by two men in bar

Dr Norbert D"cruz March 15, 2018

Actor Max Fercondini was involved in a big mess at a bar in Rio de Janeiro. The program Fofocalizando brought with exclusivity the aggression suffered by him during a discussion with other young people in Barra da Tijuca.

He would have hit upon a compromised girl, generating friction. The discussion took hold of the place and the knockdown soon began. The situation got even worse when the actress’s daughter Cássia Kis identified herself and bumped into Max.

With the pounding, Max broke a tooth and suffered some abrasions. The actor’s communications adviser merely said that he is doing well. Cássia Kis said that everything was fine and that it was a “road accident.”

On the afternoon of Wednesday, March 3, Max spoke on the subject in social networks. “I did not give up on the daughter of my dear friend Cássia Kis, as it was reported earlier today. I do not support any kind of violence. I defended myself as best I could. I’m fine as always, “he said simply.


Max Fercondini and Amanda Richter have decided to put an end to the marriage after nine years together. On Thursday 5 October, the two revealed the news to the fans.

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“[…] Our experience together was very beautiful and enriching for both of us and we will continue to have a lot of love and respect for each other. We affectionately thank each of you who participated in this journey with us, “said the famous.

The actor called the story of the “beautiful stage” duo: “Amanda and I have been through many wonderful adventures and things over the past nine years together, which we share with you.

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