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Meirelles Defends Social Security Text Unchanged


Meirelles Defends Social Security Text Unchanged

Dr Norbert D"cruz February 5, 2018

Statement by the Minister of Finance was made shortly after meeting with Michel Temer and other members of the government in Brasilia

Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles said Sunday that the government will decide next week which version of the Pension reform proposal will go to the House of Representatives on February 19. After meeting with President Michel Temer, Meirelles argued that the ideal would be to keep the text of the proposal without further changes, which would reduce the economy expected by the government as a result of the change in the tightening of the rules for retiring in Brazil.

“Let’s see what can be done to have a reform that, on the one hand, preserves greater equity among all Brazilians, and, secondly, preserves the state’s ability to guarantee pension benefits to retirees in the future. The ideal is a reform project as it is, but let’s see if anything is necessary for change, “Meirelles told reporters shortly after the meeting at the Jaburu Palace, where the president lives.

In addition to Meirelles, the meeting was attended by the Minister of the General Secretariat, Moreira Franco (PMDB-RJ), and the deputy rapporteur for pension reform in the Chamber, Arthur Maia (PPS-BA). Initially, the consideration in plenary of the Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) will begin on February 19, after the carnival. There is, however, an expectation that an amendment will be tabled with changes to the text that was adopted in the special committee.

On this second, Temer meets with the Chief Minister of the Civil House Eliseu Padilha, and the Chief Minister of the Office of the President of the Republic, Carlos Marun. In the evening, a dinner is marked at the official residence of the House. The expectation is that an alternative text will be presented with the changes suggested by the ruling base.

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