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New study indicates that more than half of Americans are born by cesarean section


New study indicates that more than half of Americans are born by cesarean section

Dr Norbert D"cruz January 17, 2018

Caesarean section may have more negative consequences than normal delivery, such as respiratory diseases. See the indication for each type of delivery America is world champion in cesarean numbers. And this is no reason to celebrate. According to the survey “Born in America “, published this week by Fiocruz’s National School of Public Health (Ensp), 88% of Americans are born by caesarean section in hospitals and private clinics .


The poll of more than 23,000 women in public and private hospitals across the country, shows that the national average reaches 52%, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 15%. The purpose of the study is to draw attention to the large number of surgeries done unnecessarily and to the risks of this option for the mother and the baby.

According to gynecologist and obstetrician Domingos Mantelli Borges Filho, the possible negative consequences of a cesarean section are greater than those of a normal birth. For newborns, for example, there are more chances of hospitalization, respiratory problems and even death . For the mother, risks of infection and hemorrhage, slower recovery and even delay in the production of milk to breastfeed the baby. Caesarean section is indicated only when the mother or baby is at risk, such as fetal distress or the occurrence of hypertensive diseases during pregnancy.

Banalization of cesarean section

The research also shows that throughout the gestation, the woman changes her mind frequently about the type of delivery she intends to do. At the beginning of pregnancy, 70% of them desire normal birth. In the public sector, 84.5% do it, while in the private sector, only 10% do it.

According to Esther Vilela, technical coordinator of the Women’s Health program of the Ministry of Health, there is a banalization of the option for cesarean section. ” The cesarean, when done by appointment, saves lives. But today we have in America a private model of hospitals that induce a cesarean section.The woman is linked to a professional who has an agenda, other scheduled deliveries or appointments, and does not always have the time or is available to follow the whole process of normal delivery. It was created the culture that cesarean section is a practical, modern and painless way to have a baby, “he says.

Normal or cesarean birth? Check the indication of each one

Normal birth

The quicker recovery after normal delivery is just one of the advantages women have when choosing this mode. Soon after birth, the baby received by the mother creates a bond that facilitates breastfeeding and the relationship between mother and child. “The baby is born when he wants, not when someone chooses. With vaginal delivery, the child has a lower risk of infections, thrombosis and bleeding, not to mention that recovery is faster,” he said. says Eduardo Cordioli, coordinator of the maternity hospital Albert Einstein Hospital. The fear that the vagina will become wider after the birth of the child is overturned by the gynecologist and obstetrician Domingos Mantelli: “The vagina returns to normal, it has elasticity for it.”


A cesarean section can save lives, but it is indicated in extreme cases when there is a risk to the mother or baby. Among the negative factors are the high risk of mortality, hemorrhage and slower surgical recovery. “At first, it makes no sense to have a cesarean section if the mother and baby are well. But finding it more comfortable to have surgery is another problem,” says Renato Procianoy, president of the Scientific Department of Neonatology at the American Society of Pediatrics (SBP) .   

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