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Pregnancy menu: see the best options for fast snacks during pregnancy


Pregnancy menu: see the best options for fast snacks during pregnancy

Dr Norbert D"cruz January 16, 2018

Nutritionists Andrea Santa Rosa and Eveline Duarte, who meets Fernanda Gentil, tell which foods to consume between meals

We already know that healthy eating habits should be stimulated as soon as possible, in the life of any person. In the case of women, this is another way to prepare the body so that, when gestation happens, to have a favorable organism so that the structure, the physiology and the metabolism of the baby are well formed. During the next nine months, the attention to what is put on the plate should be doubled. “A proper diet can prevent damage to the fetus such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, food allergies, neurodegenerative diseases,” says Andrea Santa Rosa, a nutritionist and mother of four.

Dr. Eveline Duarte, who attends the reporter Fernanda Gentil, stresses that the pregnant woman should feed herself every three hours to avoid bouts of hypoglycemia, that is, low blood sugar. “In this way, it guarantees good fetal development, as well as providing important nutrients throughout the day for the child,” he says.

Experts agree that to maintain satiety, small snacks containing fiber and nutrients are always the best choices. Among the foods not recommended are raw meats, eggs and raw fish, in addition to alcohol, of course. It is best to avoid also sausages (ham, salami, turkey breast, sausage, sausage), sweets, soft drinks, excess caffeine, herbs and teas and especially the excess of industrialized foods with chemical additives (preservatives, dyes, flavorings, sweeteners , stabilizers, etc.).

Among the items that can not be missing in the menu of the pregnant woman are fruits, vegetables, vegetables, oat bran, oil seeds (nuts, nuts, almonds), sunflower seeds, chia seeds and quinoa.Check below which of them are ideal to include in the snack between one meal and another and stay in good health day – yours and the baby!

Morning Snack

“I suggest eating a lot of fruit with bran (oats, chia, quinoa, amaranth). Bran helps reduce the glycemic index of fruits; with that, we avoid the insulin peak until lunch time, “says Andrea Santa Rosa. In Dr. Eveline’s menu, there is brown bread, cheese, milk with fruit and chia seed. “It’s a snack rich in carbohydrate, calcium and fiber. It ensures the increase of glucose and prevents morning sickness, “he says.

Afternoon Snack

“Eat fruit, natural yogurt and oat bran. They are sources of fiber and protein that offer satiety and help in the proper functioning of the intestine, “recommends Eveline.
“To get out of the rut and keep the combination rich in carbohydrates, protein and fat, a good choice are whole or gluten-free toast with hummus paste, guacamole, ricotta with tomatoes and herbs, or scrambled egg,” suggests Andrea .

Evening Snack

“The pregnant woman can choose between a source of protein of high biological value, such as a yogurt or egg yolk; or opt for the good fats of nuts; or a fruit with bran. If the woman has a habit of eating early and sleeping late, supper is important to avoid hypoglycemia at dawn, “explains Andrea. Dr. Eveline suggests a mix of oilseeds, with nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and sunflower seed. “They guarantee the supply of magnesium, zinc, potassium, B vitamins and vitamin E,” he says.

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