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Pregnancy Symptoms: The Initial Signals


Pregnancy Symptoms: The Initial Signals

Dr Norbert D"cruz January 6, 2018

Notice- The menstrual delay is not the only manifestation of your body at the beginning of gestation. Other changes may also indicate that you will be a mom soon.


Increased blood volume can lead to headaches during the first few weeks of pregnancy. 

Dark Throat

Many women actually believe they are menstruating when in fact they have a sort of completely normal discharge during the first few days of pregnancy. Less intense and lighter than the blood of menstruation, it is a sign of the body’s preparation to receive the developing baby. 

Dimming of the nipples

The hormones released by pregnancy also act on the cells responsible for the coloring of the nipples, making them darker than usual. Black or dark women may take a little longer to notice this symptom. The breasts also soon become more swollen and tender.


some women may experience cramps as if they were about to menstruate. This is actually a sign that the uterus is preparing for the expansion it will experience throughout pregnancy. 

Morning sickness

The nausea ranges from pregnancy to pregnancy intensity , but what no one disputes is the fact that it is extremely unpleasant. This symptom can be minimized with the help of some fruits (such as pineapple, kiwi, orange, lemon and coconut water), and do not stay for more than three hours fasting.

Increased urge to pee

if there is one thing that happens to the pregnant from the start it is increasing the toilet trips. There are two explanations. One is that with the increase of fluid circulating through the body, the kidneys accelerate their functioning, eliminating more waste. The other is that the growth of the uterus presses against the bladder, which cannot hold the urine. This pressure decreases from the fourth month, when the uterus reaches the abdominal cavity. One way out is to lean forward at the time of going to the toilet, to completely empty the bladder, reducing the toilet trips. 

Excessive drowsiness Excessive

circulating hormones and slower metabolism soon make the pregnant woman more Drowsy. Rest after meals is ideal. At work you cannot do this, but look for a comfortable chair and read a little before resuming your activities.

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