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See the care pregnant women need when traveling by plane


See the care pregnant women need when traveling by plane

Dr Norbert D"cruz January 15, 2018

Experts clarify the most common doubts on the subject and give tips for moms to have a quieter trip

One of the most common concerns among pregnant women is to do something that could potentially harm a baby’s health. And a question that fears future moms is about plane travel. Many doubts go round: how many weeks can one travel without risk? Is it better to travel by plane or car? What to do on long flights?

To answer these and other questions, the GNT website spoke with gynecologists and obstetricians Domingos Mantelli and Antonio Paulo Stockler.

How many weeks is it safe for pregnant women to fly?

“If there is no associated disease that puts pregnancy or the threat of preterm labor at risk, there is no limitation on gestational age. What happens is that most airlines set a limit on which patients flight or need specialized care.This varies by company, but most do not allow travel generally after 32 to 34 weeks.At this time it is important for pregnant women to have a medical certificate that informs the number of weeks of gestation and releases it for the trip, “explains Antonio Paulo.

What are the risks of flying to the pregnant woman and the baby?

Domingos Mantelli ponders:” For low-risk pregnancies and the release of the obstetrician there is no risk. However, there is a greater chance of swelling in the legs and travel may favor thrombosis , so I suggest the use of elastic stockings of moderate compression during the entire flight, and every 2 or 3 hours the pregnant woman should get up and walk for about 15 minutes to activate the circulation. “Stockler completes:” Pregnant women who have health problems, such as lung or cardiovascular disease, may get worse during the trip. Women who are at risk of abortion should also not travel by plane because they will not have any access to treatment and pressurizing itself can be held responsible for the abortion. There is no very clear evidence on this, but women who suffer from bleeding should avoid the plane at risk of pregnancy loss. 

In case of twins or multiples, is there any difference in care?

“Yes. Pregnancies with twins or multiples are more likely to premature labor. Of course, this is not a rule, it varies from woman to woman, but in these cases it is safe to travel only until the 30th week,” said Mantelli.

In which cases is it not recommended that the pregnant woman travel by plane?

“Women who are threatened with abortion should not travel, as should those who have severe pulmonary or cardiovascular disease or a very high risk of thrombosis. It is recommended that they not travel or travel using any anticoagulant medication to prevent thrombosis ” , explains Antonio Paulo Stockler.

What medications and utensils should doctors take on air travel? “In the first place, it is important that every pregnant woman who travels, mainly outside the country, has a health insurance with international coverage , so that in case of needing medical attention, it is recommended to make a kind of ‘ small pharmacy ‘because it may have difficulty buying medicines outside the country.It is important to take medication for colic, nausea, heartburn and common painkillers, as well as using elastic stockings and a pillow and drinking enough liquid during the flight to hydrate, “advises Stockler. Doctors Domingos Mantelli also recommends: “In addition, she should wear comfortable clothes, wide comfortable shoes for the feet that will swell, cushion for the lumbar,

In the case of pregnant women, is it preferable to travel by car to travel by plane?

In some situations, car travel can be more advantageous because there is no risk of pressurizing, but on the other hand there is less mobility . You can not stop to go to the bathroom, get up, walk, things you can do inside the plane. this gets in the way because it will have to stop periodically to your needs, to walk, to stretch. Many pregnant women also end up lying on the car, which is very risky . you have to sit with the buckled belt (the transverse part should be below the belly and the diagonal part between the breasts.) When you choose to travel by bus, it is a little easier because she can get around and there is usually a bathroom, but it is a tiring trip, and she tends to get more swollen “, ponders Antonio Paulo.

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