6 Common Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

6 Common Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity happens to be one of the most glaring issues that a majority of the people suffer from and it is one of the main reasons why the quality of life suffers for most of them.

Tooth sensitivity occurs when there is an exposure of the dentin which is the part of the tooth that covers the nerves either through the loss of the enamel layer or the recession of the gums. Certain foods especially the acidic and sweet ones and temperature alterations can make the teeth ache. After a short period of time the pain subsides.

The dentin actually consists of a large number of tubes or pores that continue from the outside of the teeth to the nerve in the center. When the dentin gets exposed, these tubes can be stimulated by the changes of food or temperature alterations.

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This is a very painful condition and in order to know why a tooth has become so sensitive you have to get the teeth examined by the efficient and experienced dentist. They look for the symptoms of dental exposure and find out what the true cause of sensitivity is. Sometimes the sensitivity can be because of gum disease or due to cavity. Other times, it is because of the enamel being lost through erosion and abrasion and gum recession have also occurred as a result of which the roots are exposed.

There are various ways of treating them starting from root canal treatment to bonding. Thanks to the advanced treatment procedures of modern dentistry like natural-looking dental fillings and the Invisalign aligners a lot of oral issues can be treated easily now that were not possible earlier.

Here an attempt is being made to bring to you the various treatment procedures of tooth sensitivity. Just read on.

  • Application of Fluoride – If the fluoride varnish is applied to the sensitive teeth in your mouth, it strengthens your dentin and enamel and reduces some amount of discomfort and pain in the mouth.  The same thing can be accomplished if your dentist applies fluoride gel to the mouth for a few minutes.
  • Desensitizing the Toothpaste – Using the desensitizing toothpaste for quite an extended period can sometimes help to block the pain associated with teeth sensitivity. There are several products that you can get over-the-counter for this. Ask the dentist which will be the most suitable one for you.
  • Bonding or Desensitizing – At times, the root surfaces that are exposed can be treated by the application of the holding sap to the delicate root surfaces. A neighborhood sedative may be required in this case.
  • Making a Mouth Guard – If bruxism or teeth grinding is the result of tooth sensitivity, your dentist can make a model of the teeth and then use this to produce a mouth guard which can be worn during the night. This mouthguard protects the teeth from damage and pressure and thus helps in reducing the pain that can be caused by the sensitive teeth. It will treat pain at the jaw point.
  • Surgical Grafting of Gums – If the tooth has lost gum tissue, then a small amount of gum tissue can be taken from a different place in the mouth & attached to the affected website. This way the exposed roots can be protected, and tooth sensitivity is reduced.
  • Root Canal Treatment – If everything else fails and the sensitive teeth of yours are seriously deteriorating the quality of life for you then the dentist may decide and advise you to be treated with a root canal at a reputed oral hospital near you. This procedure can effectively cure the sensitive teeth by removing the soft pulp inside the teeth.

The above are some of the ways in which sensitive teeth can be treated so that you don’t feel pain whenever you gulp in a delicious spoon of ice cream and can maintain your quality of life.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

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