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Yellow Fever : Who Has Cancer Can Take The Vaccine?


Yellow Fever : Who Has Cancer Can Take The Vaccine?

Dr Norbert D"cruz January 31, 2018

Know when immunization is advantageous, and when it offers many risks to patients with a tumor

There is no doubt about the importance of vaccination against yellow fever . But, according to information from the Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncology ( Sboc ), thanks to the repercussion of the new cases of this disease, many cancer patients worried and went to the doctors’ offices for guidance.

Still good! However, since the immune system becomes fragile as a result of certain anti-tumor treatments, the possibility of serious reactions to the vaccine’s raw material increases. For those who do not know, it is composed of an attenuated version of the virus in question, used precisely to stimulate the body to develop the antibodies needed to fight it.

“The main guideline is that the pros and cons should be discussed in an individualized way with an oncologist,” Rodrigo Munhoz, director of Sboc, said in a press release. Here are three factors that make injecting unviable among cancer patients:

1. Use of venous or oral chemotherapy, target therapy or immunotherapy. The ideal is to wait three to six months after the end of treatment before being vaccinated, varying according to the medicine.

2. For the use of corticosteroids, it is recommended to wait at least one month.

3. Bone marrow transplantation performed less than two years or situations in which the patient shows signs of complications or immunosuppressive drugs.

Patients who have recently undergone cancer surgery would be released, provided they have full physical conditions. But get a quick chat with the doctor before you go to the health clinic to get the vaccine . Radiation therapy also requires attention from the doctor. Yellow fever: 10 answers about the fractional vaccine against the disease. 

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